Are you Ready for China?

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Our Story?

Alberto and Iva met several times in business conferences and from the moment they met they had a feeling they will need to collaborate one day. Transformative experience of living as foreigners in China brought them together. But also their passion to help businesses succeed. 

ChinaReady  was born a couple of year later.

Alberto brings the expertise of doing business with China and Iva brings expertise in change management and agile collaboration process.

Alberto answers the WHY and Iva facilitates the HOW for companies that want to enter, adjust and succeed in China.

Alberto Antinucci

Alberto is a global speaker, business coach, entreapreneur and investor. He has been living and working in China for over 30 years.
He brought 22 European brands to Chinese market and opened 38 new companies in Asia (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei).
His clients say he is the perfect communication interface between the West and the East !!!

Iva Sladic Keco

Iva is an innovation process expert and award winning facilitator.
She has been living and working in China and Hong Kong for over 16 years.
She helps small and big organisations  change, innovate and transform fast through carefully designed collaboration.
She  runs her own consultancy company WakeMake.

What is ChinaReady?

ChinaReady helps companies enter, adjust and succeed in China.

We bring wisdom, methods and tools for agile development of your unique opportunity, mindset, business plan, product or service adjustment, and marketing strategy in China.

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